About Us


Xtreme Heights is a Richmond, VA based Gymnastics and Pole Vaulting Club for aspiring gymnasts and pole vaulters of all ages and levels. The club was established in 1998 and registered with USA Track and Field in 2000 by Val Osipenko, the head pole vault coach. The gymnastics division was established in December 2017. Xtreme Heights is a USAG Member Club. 

Opening a gymnastics gym has always been an Osipenko family dream and we are very excited for you all to come along on this journey with us! We are in this for the kids – it gives us the most happiness seeing your children succeed and taking part in shaping their lives. Our hope is that no matter how long your child is with Xtreme Heights, whether it’s one 8 week session or  12 years of gymnastics, we can help instill the values of integrity, determination, compassion, and friendship that they can carry with them through the rest of their lives.

A little bit about our family – the Osipenkos immigrated from Russia in 1993 and have been living in Virginia ever since. Coach Nadia and Coach Val both went through sports academies in Russia to teach them to be the best athletes and coaches that they could be. Val was an over 18’ foot pole vaulter and Nadia was a gymnast. But Val and Nadia aren’t the only athletes in the family – all three of our kids were involved in gymnastics or pole vault all the way through college. Our oldest daughter, Vika, and our son Val were both D1 pole vaulters at the University of Virginia. Vika lives in New York with her family and is head of marketing and e-commerce at a startup. Val lives in Texas with his wife and is an iOS developer. Our youngest daughter, Sasha, is currently a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. She’s also a D1 pole vault and is a Biology major on the Pre-Med track. As you can see, sport is a big part of our family and we hope that we can instill the same love of sports in your children.

Our gym motto is “We are united, for the kids, the sport, and our country.” The United States is what brought all of us together – our coaching staff is from all over the world – Juan and Edi are from Venezuela, Henna and Oona are from Finland, and of course, many of our families are also international. We are one big family, all brought together by our love of gymnastics and our passion for working with kids. Go Xtreme Heights Gym!


 We are United, for the Kids, the Sport, and our Country